The Membership Committee is responsible for processing applications and maintaining the database of its members. Membership for Travelers employees can be enjoyed for a nominal yearly membership fee of $12. Additionally, certain Travelers vendors located in the Hartford area are eligible for membership at a cost of $24 annually. To learn more about your Eligibility Requirements. Membership allows you to attend (at discounted prices) a multitude of events, trips, outings and other activities.

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The TTEC Membership Dues Refund for Cancellation Period has expired as of the end of March of this year. Your membership will continue for the remainder of this calendar year. You will still be on the distribution list for any electronic releases from The Club and we hope you will still utilize some of The Club’s benefits. If you need to change your email address or want to verify your desire to opt out of TTEC Membership for the following year, please use our Contact Us form

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