Retirees’ Club

Additional Information on TTEC and TRC (Travelers Retirees Club) Membership


  • If you are a TTEC member when you retire, you automatically become a lifetime TTEC member for free.
  • No further membership dues will be charged.
  • You retain all the rights and privileges of purchasing tickets or participating in events at member’s costs.
  • Use our contact us form (choose Membership and provide your home email address. We can have that address added to the distribution for all TTEC electronic releases once we verify your status.


  • In addition, there is a Travelers Retirees Club (TRC).
  • This is a totally separate organization from TTEC.
  • In the month after you leave Travelers, a TRC packet of information will be mailed to you.
  • Part of that packet  will be an application form to join TRC, if you would like to do so.


If you would like information on an upcoming trip, please contact Sheila Keenan at and a flyer will be sent to you electronically, or you may phone

Sheila at 860-527-9429. 

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