Men’s and Women’s Clubs Unite to Form Modern Day TTEC

Back in 1907 when an employee’s club was a fresh idea that was just getting off the ground, its membership included men only. This was typical of the day when Gene Autry, Jimmie Foxx, and Burgess Meredith were just newborns, Teddie Roosevelt was President and “Glow Worm” from the Victor Orchestra was popular music. Men organized events that were socially acceptable at the time including golf outings, horseback riding and other activities.

As the Travelers (Men’s) Club was making its early strides, the women of the company were undoubtedly feeling a bit left out of the activities that were made available to the club’s male members. The women of 1907 did not have the influence that they possess today; in fact, women did not have the right to vote until 1920 when the sixty-sixth Congress passed the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. So, in 1916 a women’s club was formed by a group of forward thinking ladies and it was called, Travelers Girls’ Club. Emblazoned on its logo was the word “Progress.” This provided a social outlet that the women of the company could be apart of.

While the two clubs shared ideas throughout the years, they remained separate. Eventually, men and women were integrated at events provided by the respective clubs. However, it wasn’t until 1994 when the old Travelers Club and Travelers Girls’ Club merged together forming the present day TTEC.


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