Stretch and Flow Yoga-in person or virtual 12:10-12:50PM

This class begins with warm-ups to prepare the body for dynamic yoga postures connected with mindful breathing (flow), followed by stretching and relaxation. This is an invigorating all-levels class that may create some sweat, so wearing comfortable athletic wear is recommended, but not required. If you participate in-person, yoga mats, blocks and straps are provided.  Class will be held on Wednesdays 12:10-12:50 pm ET, in-person and virtually. You can participate in-person in the PBMZ – Agile Room located on the Mezzanine Level in the Plaza building. This room has yoga mats, blocks and straps for all who participate. Bathrooms are located behind the Plaza elevators to change for class.  To participate virtually, contact Sabrina Paradise for the meeting link @

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