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Online Chess is BOOMING!  Between the pandemic lockdown and the overwhelming success of the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, Chess has seen a growth in the USA that hasn’t been seen since Bobby Fischer won the World Championship back in 1972.  Chess is played every year by over 600 million people worldwide.  The International Olympic Committee recognizes Chess as a sport and a World Champion is crowned every 2 years after several tournaments are played to determine the Challenger of the current World Champion which is Magnus Carlsen.  Chess has been proven to be a great game for the young and the old and everyone in between to educate and keep our brains sharp, Chess can be a lifelong sport.  Chess is a hard game where you never stop learning, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. 

The TTEC Chess Club is an online chess club that plays on which is the best free online chess site available.  We have our own TTEC Chess Club built in lichess and we create our own club tournaments within the website.  Our club meets on a regular basis for playing chess with each other and we also offer opportunities to learn and improve our skills at the game.  We welcome players of all levels whether you are an experienced tournament player or a beginner that just wants to learn the game so you can teach your son or daughter how to play.  Come join the fun of learning and competing in the most popular board game in the world.

Please contact Roger Bessette (, Scott Sauyet ( or Mark Ferrante ( to sign up and get instructions.




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