TTEC In Person Event Guidelines

  1. Per the Travelers COVID safety plan, you will need to follow your local jurisdictional guidance to determine appropriate COVID-19 protocols. Our approach is to follow whichever protocols are most rigorous – whether local jurisdictional requirements or Travelers’ guidance.   Each event will have it’s own protocols for safety as based on the below:


Please follow the mask and social distancing protocols below:]

  • Check this list to see if your event location (county) is on it and, if so, follow the guidance. • Everyone else, check the CDC’s new COVID-19 Community Levels tool for the county.
If the level is …  

Then …

Low or medium Masks are optional and socially distancing is not required, regardless of vaccine status
High Wear a mask and socially distance, regardless of vaccine status


  1. If TTEC is offering tickets to a theater or using a vendor (i.e.  Bushnell, Hartford Stage, Palace Theater, bus company), please check their COVID guidelines.  (Example: a venue may require masks although in a low or medium area)  Offer a link to the establishment’s website for safety restrictions, as they change daily.


  1. The event coordinator may be more restrictive if desired. Options include: wearing a mask on a bus trip, social distancing, or using a Wellness Questionnaire similar to Travelers daily *


  1. You can note that regardless of policy, people should always bring a mask and feel comfortable wearing a mask. TTEC has masks available for event coordinators to supply day of – feel free to connect with the BOD.


  1. Please list out all your event guidelines when advertising an event and when confirming with attendees closer to the day of so guidelines are clear and followed.


Should COVID rates rise, or a new variant emerge, we will need to reevaluate in-person activities.

Please reach out to the TTEC BOD with any questions for your specific event.

* The BOD will create a consistent TTEC Wellness Questionnaire, as the first event for use arise

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