With the Bike-to-Work season kicking off on Monday April 2nd this is a good time to reintroduce everyone to the Travelers Employee Cycling Network (TECN). The Travelers Employee Cycling Network is a group of people who work at any Travelers campus and like to ride bikes. Some members bike to work, some don’t. The group includes all kinds of riding:
-Bike-to-work commuters
-People who want to figure out how to bike to work
-Cyclists who don’t bike to work, but ride solo, or with a group, or events, or races
-Road cyclists, mountain bikers, off-road riders
-Casual riders and people who are new to cycling or looking to learn more about it

We share information about our own cycling experience and are a good group to find out about others’ experiences. We host Lunch ‘n Learn events where we bring in speakers with cycling tips (skills, safety, routes, basic maintenance, etc.). Your involvement can be informational or social. Most importantly, we help Travelers support for the community on the bicycling front. Travelers is currently a “Bronze” level Bike Friendly Workplace in Hartford (one of only two companies in the city!). We would like to help the company move up to the “Silver” level through activities and efforts in TECN. We plan to share more about this topic at upcoming Lunch ‘n Learn sessions.

If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more, our SharePoint community is a great place to start! Please reach out to any of the network representatives below if you would like to be added to our SharePoint community and learn more about the group.

And definitely reach out if you’re interested in joining the bike-to-work group starting April 2!

Jayne Bousquet (
Dan Carr (
Rob Davies (
Katie Johnson (
Joe Lukacovic (
Tina Severson (

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